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Tiffany + Joe. Engaged.

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll remember the photos from when I hid in the bushes and took pictures of Joe and Tiffany’s actual engagement. If not, you can read all about it here. Sadly, I won’t be able to shoot Tiffany and Joe’s wedding next summer, but I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to be a part of the process! I love these two! We shot the session in a few different locations but they all had some sentimental value for Tiffany and Joe which made the session that much more fun!

We started on the campus of UNCG, where they first met . . .

This series is so adorable! I would love to see these four images as prints on a wall! I think it’s such a sweet little storyline. . .

Tiffany, you got yourself a handsome man!

This heart shadow was Joe’s idea. I think it turned out so cute and fun! I love when my couples aren’t afraid to throw out ideas.

We shot a few images on UNCG’s soccer field where Joe played when he was a student. . .

After UNCG, we headed to lake Higgins and rented a rowboat. Jonathan and I will definitely be doing this in the future! It’s such a romantic little date idea and I know Joe and Tiffany had fun rowing around for a little while . . .

These black and white images kill me!!!! In a good way, of course. I love how peaceful and romantic they are. Especially the little ripples where the oars hit the water. Aah….

Ok, stop being so adorable together. Seriously.

I can’t remember what Joe and Tiffany were laughing at but I love how this photo turned out.

One more stop at Center City Park, where Joe proposed just a few months ago!

And last, but definitely not least, the ring . . .

Shayla + Jeremy. Maternity Session.

Can I just tell you how much I love Summer rain showers? There’s one rolling in right now and I am in heaven! It’s so relaxing and totally cools everything down. Plus my tomato plants love it! The only time I dislike the rain is when it interrupts plans for shoots!

Thankfully, there weren’t any rain showers last week when I shot Shayla and Jeremy’s maternity session :) They are expecting their first baby girl in about a month. . . Stella. Don’t you love that name?

Jeremy is on our tech team at Daystar and he and I have a secret handshake. Yes, you read that right :) He and Shayla are super excited about finally meeting Stella and were so chill during their session. We basically just walked around and talked. It was so fun and relaxing!

I feel like this first photo is sooo Jeremy and Shayla. They are fun and silly and Jeremy just loves making people laugh. And Shayla has a great laugh. . .

Don’t they look good together?

Shayla is one hot mama!

I love this portrait of Shayla by herself.

One of my favorite photos that doesn’t show faces. It’s just gorgeous!

Jeremy totally rocks that look and he knows it! Just look at that face! I can’t wait to see him as a dad… he’s going to be great!

These swing photos were totally unposed. We saw a swing set and started talking about all kinds of sentimental things and just had to try it out. It made the perfect squeak!

I think this is a gorgeous classic portrait of Shayla. Her eyes are incredible!

Again with the laughing. Adorable.

Getting lovey-dovey.

During this shot, we decided we are starting a new band called “The third trimester”. This is our first band photo.

Jeremy and Shayla –  I know you will be fantastic parents and I can’t wait to meet baby Stella!

Alex + Natalie. Senior Session.

As promised, this is the start of a bunch of new blog posts! I’ve definitely been busy this summer but I’m not complaining. I have loved getting to work with each and every one of these wonderful people and have started some great new friendships :)

Alex and Natalie are best friends in their last year of high school together. I love the fact that they wanted to do their senior photos together! From the moment we had our consultation at Panera until the end of the shoot, we had a blast! The shoot felt more like a fun evening hanging out than work. They even brought their parents along! I love having a big group during a senior shoot. Alex and Natalie were so relaxed the entire time! We started on a little piece of farmland and then moved to another location for a more styled, vintage look.

Natalie . . .

. . . and Alex. . .

We switched back and forth between the girls and also shot some photos of them together. Aren’t they cute?

Look at those stunner eyes! Loooove this image.

And seriously, Alex? You’re gorgeous!

The light we were working with was perfect. I love shooting in the summer!

This patch of bamboo is my favorite.

Typical best friends moment.

Um… don’t they just look like pros? Alex and Natalie do photo shoots together all the time so they’ve had a little practice :)

Natalie’s dad really wanted a photo of her on this tractor. Isn’t it cute? I love her bare feet.

There are all kinds of trucks, tractors, and pieces of farm equipment on this land. Lots of stuff to work with!

I wish I had photos like this of me with my best friend!

After we finished shooting on the farmland we changed directions and our session took a turn for the vintage . . .

I love this pop of red! Natalie is such a cutie.


Natalie’s family brought this vintage bike to use during the shoot. Such a cute prop!

Alex is stunning even with her eyes closed! That’s some skill right there ;)

It’s hard to ride a bike through tall grass. Just ask Natalie!

. . . or Alex!

Check out this silverware set. . . I want one!

Natalie has started her own photography business (see her website here!). . . I think these would be cute as some business headshots!

Recent sessions. Preview.

They don’t call it busy season for nothing! I shot six sessions in five days last week and, though I’m working hard on everything, it’ll be a while before every shoot makes it to the blog. So, enjoy this little preview while you’re waiting!

Natalie and Alex’s senior session. They are such good friends, they wanted to do their sessions at the same time! Along with photos of each of them, we shot some together.

Alex. . .

Natalie . . .

Joe and Tiffany’s engagement session.

Jeremy and Shayla. Maternity!

Full posts of each of these sessions are coming up soon! Along with a couple of bridal sessions that will be shared after the weddings :) Make sure to drop a comment and let me know whose post you’re waiting for!

Sydney B. Senior Session.

I love shooting senior sessions! Somehow I end up with the most beautiful, fun, and talented seniors! This is Sydney. She is quiet, easygoing, gorgeous (um, hello!), and really fun to talk to. We met up in downtown Greensboro and the campus of UNCG to shoot her senior session with Sydney’s sisters, mom, and her puppy, Molly! The session ended up feeling less like work and more like hanging out with some great girls :)

I did some softer processing on some of these images… what do you think? This is definitely one of my favorites from the session. Sydney is good at the no-smiling face!

We had some gorgeous light to work with. . . check out that golden hair!

This is a new location in downtown Greensboro. . . I think it’s going to be a bakery or something? I’ll have to go back and check. I love me some fresh baked goods!

Definitely my fave from the session. That breeze was really working with us!

I love the lines in this photo. And Sydney looks so classic and beautiful!

Molly was such a good girl during the session! Isn’t she cute?

Work it, Sydney! haha. . . we had so much fun during these last few minutes of the shoot . . .

I love the idea of bringing a bouquet to add some color! We shot underneath a huge magnolia tree on UNCG’s campus where there used to be a tire swing. Even though the swing was gone, we still got some great stuff!

Sydney, it was so fun working with you! I hope that your senior year is fantastic :)