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Christmas 2011. Personal.

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One of my 2012 goals is to post more personal photos and stories on this blog so I figure, why not start now? Here is a little taste of our Christmas. . .  I’m looking forward to sharing more of our life with you all!

First, our Christmas tree. Isn’t it lovely? I can hardly take credit… Jonathan is in charge of Christmas trees around here!

Jonathan’s family came to visit the few days before Christmas. . .

We gave his mom a small album of their 25th anniversary photos as a gift. I think they like it ;)

We spend Christmas eve with my side of the family and wake up to this . . . Christmas morning is my favorite!

The adults get to sit out in the living room drinking coffee until we see these little fingers sticking out from under the door. . .

Our holiday breakfast tradition. . . Are your mouths watering like mine?

I am convinced that I have the cutest husband in the world. . . .

. . .  and the prettiest sisters . . .

My favorite photo from this Christmas. The first thing she did after opening this gift was to run show dad. . .

When the last present is opened we start a war with the silly string we all get in our stockings. (Yes, I still get a stocking!)

Not even the cameraman is spared!

Our dog, Luke, didn’t like the silly string as much as everyone else . . .

And finally, our family photo from this year! Have a happy New Year, everyone!

Carey Anna. Senior Session.

Carey Anna was one of the last of my 2011 seniors and her session turned out to be one of my favorites! She had the fabulous idea of shooting part of her session in ArtQuest, part of the Green Hill Center for NC Art. It’s a great little space full of crafting materials, canvases, and paint where everyone can go just to create stuff! It looked like a blast!

See that blue “make art” quote on the canvas behind Carey? She painted that years ago and it’s still there :)

LOVE the colors in this place. . .

Carey is a natural in front of the camera . . .

We happened to find the script in Carey’s backpack from a play she was in recently. . .

One of my favorite senior photos. Like, ever.

She has such a gorgeous smile!

Carey brought her ukelele out at the end of the session. So cute!

Stella’s Bridal Session. Old Salem, NC.

If I was a person that used the word “swoon”, I would say you are all going to swoon over these photos from Stella’s bridal session. Since I don’t normally use that word, I’m just going to say that you are going to love it. A beautiful redhead, a stunning bridal gown, and a gorgeous location made for some insane photos! We shot Stella’s session the week following her wedding which was a fantastic idea… We didn’t have to worry about her dress getting dirty, and we had plenty of time to shoot. It was so relaxing! And Old Salem is always beautiful in the fall. . .

Stella brought a few different accessories for the shoot. I love this green sweater!

Stella has a beautiful smile. . .

Did she pick the perfect dress, or what? Love those ruffles!

Pretty sure this belongs on the cover of a magazine somewhere. Am I right? ;)

Check out this sunset! I love the golden glow.

Old Salem is full of great backdrops and color!

Near the end of the session, we stopped in at the Old Salem cemetery. I know that may sound a little creepy if you’ve never visited, but this cemetery is incredibly beautiful!

Stella brought this hat and lunch cooler that belonged to her dad. . . Such a sweet idea!

We finished off the session by laying in some leaves . . . She makes beauty look so easy ;)