Monthly Archives: March 2012

Rachel + Kit. Raleigh NC Engagement.

Rachel and Kit are such a joy be around. I honestly felt like I was spending an evening with friends, not just “clients” during their engagement session.  And seriously, could they be any easier to photograph? I noticed so many things about their relationship during the shoot… The way they look at each other. The way they hold hands. The way Rachel crinkles her nose at Kit. The way he brushes her hair back to look in her eyes. How playful and fun they are together. . . It was a fantastic evening. I can’t wait for their Asheville wedding in a couple of months!

We started the session behind the Raleigh Convention Center. I love this tree installation on the side of the building!

These beautiful pink trees were in a group off the side of the road. I’m so glad we stopped there for a few minutes! These blossoms aren’t around for long!

They are seriously stylish. And tough. Rachel walked quite a few blocks in those heels!

See? Aren’t they fun?

I love the buildings and backdrops in downtown Raleigh. This blue/green was the perfect color to make Rachel’s black dress pop!

I feel like this could be a scene from a movie. So romantic. . .

As we walked to this staircase to shoot we were stopped by an older lady who gave us a few minutes of random trivia! It was so hilarious and left us very confused, but laughing. You never know what will happen while walking the streets of downtown!

I love Kit’s socks and Rachel’s spicy heels together.

Do you like my cameo appearance in the mirror? As we walked into this alley, Rachel recognized it as a place that she and Kit had stopped before! She remembers taking a self-portrait together in the security mirror. I love that we were able to stop there again at this new point in their relationship!

I just realized I never once had to tell Kit and Rachel to do a “real smile” or a “real kiss”. They’re so natural together.

We did just a little more shooting after an outfit change.

I think Rachel is just so beautiful. . .

Definitely my favorite image from the session, and maybe my favorite ever. Being unaware of the camera is a good thing :)

This is the part where Kit accidentally made a heart with his hands over Rachel’s ring. And then he was embarrassed at the cheesiness of it when I pointed it out. We definitely had a good laugh for a few minutes.

I love how unique Rachel’s ring is. . .

I love the color palette of this photo. . . is that nerdy, or what?

At the end of the session, I stood far back and let Kit whisper something to Rachel. . .

. . . he made her cry. And I think he was kind of proud of it! I don’t know what was said but I know that it must’ve been sweet. I cannot wait to see these two again in May. I know that the wedding will be beautiful, and meaningful, and fun! Plus, I get to work with one of my favorite families again :) Rachel is the last of the Roberts clan that I get to photograph!

Jackie + Daniel. Old Salem Engagement Session.

I met up with Jackie and Daniel in Old Salem earlier this month for their engagement session. They are such a fun-loving, sweet couple! Other than a strong breeze that threatened Jackie’s hair-do, it was perfect weather for my shoot with this awesome couple  :)

I could tell immediately what a special relationship Jackie and Daniel have. They’re so comfortable around each other and Jackie is always making Daniel laugh. . .

I love the photo on the left. That parking lot turned out to be pretty cute!

Jackie has such a beautiful smile . . .

I love this green wall that we found. . .

This photo seems so relaxed and sweet. . .

We finished up the session with some funny t-shirts that Jackie had painted at Busch Gardens. They were cracking me up and catching stares from people driving by. . .

Can’t wait for your bridal session later this year, Jackie!