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Cohan Family. Mini Session.

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The Cohan family snagged the very first time slot during our mini-session event, which was awesome because they had a packed day and were still able to get photos done! It was not awesome because it was the coldest part of the day! Poor baby Kate was shivering the whole time but she and the rest of the family put on brave faces and hardly even looked cold! (Except for Kate in that last photo, haha!)

01-cohan 02-cohan 03-cohan

Tanner Family. Mini Session.

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Yes, y’all. I’m still going with the mini-session posts! While I’m not really busy shooting anything these last couple of months (the off-season is for real!), I’ve been working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff that I’m excited to share soon! Part of that is putting together a welcome packet/gift for new wedding clients. I’m still getting together some of the components and can’t wait to post more about it once I actually put the boxes together and ship them out to the clients I’ve already booked for this year!

So, the Tanner family has been in front of my camera a few times before. They’re cute, fun, and the littlest, Gia, is super sassy! I loved running around with them for 20 minutes, chasing the light, and getting Gia to warm up to me enough to look at the camera a few times ;) That girl was hooked on the fact that she was going to get a Maxie B’s cookie at the end!

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Kilpatrick Family. Mini Session.

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One of the sad things about growing up and getting married is that, once the sleepovers and carpools stop, you hardly ever get to see your friends’ parents anymore! These lovebirds are the parents of my best friend from middle school. They are so sweet, generous, and fun… constantly opening up their home to a gaggle of teenage girls for birthday parties and sleepovers, and inviting us on fun beach trips. Oh, I miss it! Brenda + Tim are still so obviously in love after all these years and were so comfortable in front of the camera. What a fun day!

01-kilpatrick 02-kilpatrick 03-kilpatrick

Heeter Family. Mini Session

The husband/daddy of this family had to work all day so Kayla scheduled this session as a surprise Christmas gift for him. I’ve since heard that he was thrilled with these photos of his beautiful wife and precious baby Brinkley.

I’ve known this family for years and have loved seeing Kayla transition from a college student, to a newlywed, to a new mama with a sweet baby girl!

01-heeter 02-heeter 03-heeter 04-heeter