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Spring mini-sessions

It’s springtime! Though fall has always been my ‘favorite season’, spring definitely comes in a close second. This beautiful warm weather has us running barefoot in the yard and eating all our meals on the screen porch. It’s the best!

The beauty and temperature of the season also has me itching to shoot more sessions before summer hits and we get to the hot, sticky, humid point ;) So…


Registration is now open!

Sessions are Saturday, April 25th, and include…
– 20 minutes of shooting time with Alexa
– an online viewing gallery of all final, edited images accessible for two weeks
– your choice of 10 edited hi-resolution images with a print license, downloaded straight to your computer!
– additional images and products available for purchase through the online gallery.

CLICK HERE for pricing, details, and to reserve your session! {{At this time, I’ve only opened the afternoon for sessions. If sold out, I may add morning sessions as well!}}


The details…
– Once your time slot is purchased, a contract will be emailed to you to finish registration and finalize your session. Once your session is confirmed, you will receive details on location and what to expect!
– Mini-sessions are non-refundable.
– In case of rain, sessions will be rescheduled for Sunday, April 26th

Feel free to shoot an email to with any questions!

April Goals.

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So, I’ve tried multiple times to make a monthly goals blog post a priority but the beginning of the month always seems to creep up on me! Well, I’ve recently started following another photographer, Katelyn James, and she came up with this awesome idea of doing a monthly duty day. Basically, you make a list of everything that you need to do monthly (she includes bills and everything but Jonathan handles that for us, so I just list business stuff), and take care of it all on the first day of the month! That way, nothing slips through the cracks and then it’s not all hanging over your head for the rest of the month! My monthly duty day includes : – Blog my goals for the month
– Follow up with inquiries from the previous month
– Check folders of current clients and get in touch if we need to schedule any sessions, or take care of any details
– Send out new client gifts
– Update the calendar for the month

So there ya go! Hopefully this will help me stay on track with everything. Here are my goals for April!

Business goals :

Finish my “getting to know you” questionnaire I’m really excited about being more intentional with the Alexa’s Photography experience for my 2015 clients. I’ve created an awesome ‘welcome’ gift for new clients (will post more about that later!) and am working on putting together more details that will make the Alexa’s Photography experience a great one!  One of those things is a ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire. I’ve noticed over the years that I am a better wedding photographer when I’m more invested in my couples and their story! This includes following their social media, knowing where they met and how they fell in love, and other fun details. This questionnaire will help me get to know my couples and, since I’m planning on posting more behind-the-scenes and sneak peek photos on Instagram and facebook, I’ll be able to tag those brides and grooms as well!

Host another mini-session event on April 25th I’m really excited about this one. The fall mini-session event went so well, I’m looking forward to photographing more families and couples while the trees are green and the flowers are in bloom! Registration will be open on April 6th and time slots are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Check back here for the details next Monday!


Send equipment to get cleaned and checked With wedding season quickly approaching, I need to send my cameras and lenses to be cleaned and checked to make sure they’re in good condition before I start using them 20 hours a week again!

Personal goals :

Exercise 4x a week Guys, this is a new one for me. I’ve never been the type of person to exercise regularly. I mean, I get outside all the time and since my bedroom is upstairs I climb stairs about ten times a day, but I’ve never had a plan for exercise. After I had Noah I started doing Zumba with our church group once a week and found that I really enjoyed it! I stopped for a while when I was pregnant with Sam but I started again a couple of months ago and it’s so fun! I also started running (which is the real shocker!) last week when Jonathan convinced me to try. Honestly, I walked probably 50% of my first “run” but I’m slowly getting better. My goal now is to do the hour long Zumba class, or a 2+ mile run, four times a week.

Send or leave at least two encouraging notes It’s really been on my heart lately to be generous with my words to encourage and build people up. Last week I wrote four or five notes to a few friends, my grandma, and another wedding vendor, and sent them in the mail. Just to say “hey, you’re doing a great job,” “I appreciate your integrity,” or “you’re a great friend.” I know an encouraging word can do so much for the heart and it doesn’t cost me anything except a 49 cent stamp and a few minutes of time. I’ve put a few blank note cards and envelopes in my purse (well, honestly, my diaper bag since that’s what I carry most of the time) and am praying that God would bring people to mind, or even point out a stranger that could use some encouragement and I’ll be able to do it right away!


Will you join me in being generous with kind words? What are some of your goals for this month?