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Sanu + Alexander. Outdoor North Carolina Wedding.

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What can you even say about a wedding day like this? It was so full of beauty, emotion, family love, celebration, gorgeous summer light. . . I started out trying to narrow down the photos for a “proper” blog post but then I realized I just didn’t want to! Sometimes I find myself looking to other wedding photographers for cues on how long a blog post should be and what I should write about each couple’s story and that’s just silly! I love the idea of posting however many photos it takes to tell the story of the wedding day so get ready for a long one!

Truth be told, I was nervous about this wedding. Well, actually, I (still) get nervous before every wedding but since my little Sammy was born in October of last year I had maternity leave through one of the busiest wedding seasons (fall) and this was my first wedding of the spring wedding season, I hadn’t shot a wedding as the lead photographer in nine. months. (eek!). So yeah, I was nervous. But you know what? I think the break was good for me! It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and aim for getting the same shots of each wedding but it shouldn’t be like that! I feel like I got to shoot Sanu + Alexander’s wedding with fresh eyes and a new take on things. I felt more confident in the shots I was getting and I didn’t even have a second photographer on this one!

There were so many things that made this wedding day a special one… Sanu + Alexander are the sweetest couple and they and their friends did so many DIY projects to make Sanu’s dream wedding a reality. Their Christ-centered ceremony was so meaningful and even though we experienced an extreme downpour of rain for about five minutes pre-reception, everything was dried off quickly and the rest of the night carried on with tearful and hilarious toasts, a dinner under the stringed lights and stars, and an epic dance party. Also, this gorgeous venue belongs to my parents, y’all (They’re just starting to rent it out so if you want more info, email! I was married here during a rain shower in September 2009 and it was so fun to see the property I grew up on through different eyes this time. And since I had free range during the ceremony, I got a new angle on what is now my most favorite ‘first kiss’ photo of all time. . .

The details : Venue – in Oak Ridge, North Carolina – email for rental info | Bride’s dress – Custom made, vintage | Bridesmaid’s dresses – Asos, Lulus, and Tobi | Florals – DIY/Farmer’s Market | Catering – Wicker BBQ

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Mary Margaret + Jonathan. Childress Vineyards Engagement.

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Mary Margaret’s inquiry email was the first I received this year… In fact, she emailed me on New Year’s Day! Even from just that short email I caught on to Mary Margaret + Jonathan’s excitement about their September wedding at Childress Vineyards and was thrilled when they decided to invite me to join their story. We met for the first time at their engagement session and I just knew we were right for each other when Mary Margaret handed me a little brown box, tied with a ribbon, and said “we brought you Maxie B’s cupcakes!”. Yes, my kind of people for sure!

On the day of the engagement session, we went back and forth a few times about whether to reschedule or not… There were threats of rain and storms but I’m so glad we decided to go ahead and shoot! The clouds were kind of nice and the photo of Mary Margaret + Jonathan walking to the lake with the moody sky in the background turned out to be one of my favorites…

Can’t wait to see you guys again in just a few months!

01-MMJon 02-MMJon 03_MMJon 04_MMJon 05-MMJon 06_MMJon