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Kathryn + Shawn. Summerfield Farms Wedding.

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You guys are in for a serious treat today! Kathryn and Shawn have turned out to be one of my favorite couples and their wedding day was SO fun! In addition to the gorgeous design, personal details, and perfect fall weather, there were so many happy tears, so many smiles, and an incredibly fun dancing crowd. Some of my favorite things were :

– Kathryn + Shawn’s first look… Shawn had written in a journal that he gave to Kathryn after they had a few moments together. She asked, “Should I read it now?”. Shawn gave her the go-ahead and she opened it, read a couple of lines, and promptly closed the book saying “Nope! No. Can’t do that right now… There’s french and I’m crying already…” It was precious the way they both tried to dab her tears without messing up her stunning makeup!
– Shawn’s entrance to the ceremony to the “Imperial March” from Star Wars
– When Kathryn made it to the end of the aisle and Shawn promptly planted a kiss on her lips! Kathryn pushed him back and gave him a laughing “not until the end of the ceremony!!”
– The “mutual weirdness forever” details, based on the quote “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” by Dr. Seuss. So perfect for these two!

And finally, a little bit of history from Kathryn “Well initially we were sort of set up by one of Shawn’s ex-housemates. We were both vegan at the time (Kathryn, is no longer, she loves cheese too much) and this housemate decided we just HAD to meet. Eventually we did meet (after missing each other several times) at a Friendsgiving event held at Shawn’s house. We both also worked for Whole Foods, though when we met Shawn worked at a different store than me. After meeting one another nothing really happened. Then Shawn changed stores to the same one I was working at. Shawn also lived in a house with one of my closest friends from Whole Foods so we just sort of started hanging out more and more and eventually Shawn confessed his crush on me to our mutual friend, Liz (who is now one of our bridesmaids) and the rest is history!”

Details : Planning + Design – Leigh Pearce Weddings | Venue – Summerfield Farms | Bride’s Dress – White by Vera Wang | Bride’s Earrings – Edgy Sister (Etsy) | Vintage Rentals – Eventful | Floral Design – Tabitha Southard, Whole Foods | Custom Lighting – Kenneth Eller | Bakery – Sweet Josephine’s | Catering + Rentals – Fresh.Local.Good Food Group | Linens – La Tavola | DJ – K2 Productions | Hair + Makeup – Carla White + Chakras Spa | Transportation – Flagship Trailways | Accommodations + Transportation: Proximity Hotel

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Melli + David. Blacksburg, VA Wedding

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Melli + David’s wedding day was so special and perfect. But not in the way you might think with abundant sunshine and every detail perfectly executed. No, this wedding day was a constant shower of rain. The hairdresser’s car broke down. The ceremony location had to be changed and the sound system cancelled because of the weather. But it was oh so perfect.

The way Melli’s dad melted when he first saw her as a bride. Perfect.
The giggles and cuddles and looks of “it’s going to be ok” that Melli + David shared during their first look and portraits. Perfect.
The guests humming “Here Comes the Bride” as Melli made her way through the circle of family and friends to meet David at the end of our “aisle”, and the megaphone used during the ceremony. It was just perfect.

The constant rain made every color richer, more outstanding. The clouds that settled on the mountains made a beautiful backdrop. And I’ve never seen a group of people happier to celebrate in the rain for hours on end! Everyone came prepared to stay til the end and most even camped out in tents that night. The huge bonfire and s’mores were the best way to end this perfect celebration.

A little bit of their love story, from Melli: “We met via, of which I was skeptical, but the email he sent was too adorable to ignore. We decided to meet at the pub at the bottom of the hill from the hospital where we both work. No pressure, just a drink. He said he was running an experiment and that he only had about a two hour window; that turned out to be a ruse, because we spent the next 6 hours on the patio talking and a couple drinks turned into dinner. That was a Friday. He invited me over to his house for dinner on Sunday and won me over with grilled ginger beer chicken. The rest is history :)”

Many many thanks to the love of my life, Jonathan, for shooting this wedding with me on our sixth anniversary!

The details : Venue – Family property in Blacksburg, VA | Bride’s dress – DB Studios, David’s Bridal | Bouquet + Boutonniere – The Flower Patch (Etsy) | Catering – Classic Catering | Groom’s ring – 2nd String Ringcraft (Etsy) | Bride’s rings – Kristin Coffin Jewelry (Etsy)

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Mary Margaret + Jonathan. Childress Vineyards Wedding.

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I love that no two weddings are exactly alike… and sometimes they’re even total opposites. A huge wedding with hundreds of guests, multiple locations, and 16 person bridal parties or an intimate wedding of 25 that feels more like a beautifully dressed up version of a holiday dinner with your closest family and friends. Both weddings are romantic. Both are meaningful. Both are beautiful reflections of the bride and groom that planned them…

Mary Margaret + Jonathan’s was a beautiful afternoon and evening spent at Childress Vineyards with a small number of family and friends. I loved feeling like a part of the family all day. Every detail was in place and the entire day was so relaxed. They said their vows in front of an incredible cross that Mary Margaret’s dad handcrafted and spent the evening laughing, talking, and dancing in a candlelit barrel cave in the winery. It was seriously like something straight out of a movie :)

I’ve mentioned before that I have my clients fill out a little questionnaire that helps me get to know them better before the wedding. I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing the little blurb of love story that I receive from each couple, so you can get to know them too!

From Mary Margaret : “While I was attending graduate school at East Carolina University, we were introduced by two mutual friends at an ECU football game. Jon says it was love at first sight! We quickly found we had a lot in common – our love of sports, our families, traveling, music, food and adventure. Within the first month after meeting we were inseparable. In our 3 years together we have traveled to many cities, of which some of our favorites are New York for a Coldplay concert, Baltimore for an Orioles baseball game, and Asheville for a beer festival/ghost tour/brewery tours. We gravitate to new locations, great restaurants and breweries wherever we go! Our favorite trip would have to be our engagement trip to Charleston last September. Jon created a second (faux) itinerary for our trip to keep me in the dark on his plans – I was completely caught off guard in a good way! Three years have passed and we now both have budding careers , a house we built together, and a furry dog-child named Luna.”

And now you’re married! Mary Margaret, Jonathan, and families, I hope you love reliving this perfect day. . . Enjoy!

The details : Venue – Childress Vineyards. Lexington, NC | Bride’s gown – Jenny Packham from Tre Bella Bridal | Groom’s bowtie and cummerbund – High Cotton Ties | Florals – Herron House | Guitarist – Jeff Brown | Catering – Childress Vineyards | Cake – Maxie B’s Bakery | Ring boxes – MWB Studios | Stationery – Elli | Reception place cards – The Apothecary Bee | Save the date magnets – Lucca Laser Workshop | Calligraphy/Lettering – Amy Neubauer 01-Edwards 02-Edwards 03-Edwards 04-Edwards 05-Edwards 06-Edwards 07-Edwards 08-Edwards 09-Edwards 10-Edwards 11-Edwards 12-Edwards 13-Edwards 14-Edwards 15-Edwards 16-Edwards 17-Edwards