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Antigone + Ryan. Childress Vineyards.

Have you ever been to a Greek engagement party? If not, you’re totally missing out. It was definitely a new experience for me but I loved every minute. There were so many meaningful traditions along with an actual ceremony where a priest blessed the rings and the families of Antigone + Ryan took part by showering them in jewelry and kisses. The toasts were so heartfelt and meaningful (although some were entirely in Greek so I’m not sure what was said!) and the dancing and money-throwing was just FUN!

I love the dessert table that combined gorgeous Maxie B’s cakes with authentic Greek treats handmade by family and friends. I totally snagged myself some baklava (my fave!). And the huge canvas behind the desserts is a painting of where Antigone + Ryan met! It was breathtaking. So, if any of you are getting married in Greece anytime soon, feel free to take me along! ;)

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Hepzibah Everest. A birth story.

This goes on the record books for being one of my favorite moments ever. What an honor and a privilege it was to be with my little sister as she gave birth to her daughter (and my first niece!), Hepzibah Everest. Guys, birth is so intense! You can prepare and take classes and read all you want but experiencing it is a whole ‘nother thing. Alaina was full of beauty and strength during labor and I loved watching the way Dustin took care of her and supported her. They read scripture, prayed, and completely leaned on Jesus through the pain.

Hepzibah entered the world at 1:45 in the morning and came in at 8 pounds, 19 inches. She is perfectly squishy and adorable and has a head full of dark hair. The photos of their first moments as a family of three bring tears to my eyes every time…

01-Hep 02-hep 03-hep 04-hep 05-hep 06-hep