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Lindsey + Kevin. Starmount Country Club Wedding.

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Lindsey + Kevin’s wedding day was so special and just emotional. I had to hold back tears multiple times that day as Lindsey and Kevin each had moments of feeling the weight and joy of a wedding day and finally being married! The light and weather were perfect all day long and we made it to the reception venue just in time for some incredible golden light during portraits!

Some of my other favorite things…
– Lindsey and Kevin each gifted each other the same brand of fragrance without knowing it! What a sweet memory to have, and now a scent to go with it!
– All the happy tears
– Family portraits outside! Guys, it makes such a difference in the photos when you do them outside as opposed to at the altar inside a dark church with stained glass. Nothing against the inside of a church or stained glass, but seriously! The natural light just can’t be beat.
– The dance party. SO amazing and had me laughing all night.

The details : Venues – Proximity Hotel & Starmount Forest Country Club | Bride’s dress – Amy Kuschel from Lana Addison Bridal | Bride’s shoes – Bella Belle and kate spade | Hair – Progression’s Salon | Makeup – D’Atra Westmoreland | Bridesmaid’s dresses – Jenny Yoo | Florist – Jenny’s Projects | Catering – Starmount Forest Country Club | Band – Straight Fire | Dessert – Sweet Josephine’s | Art/Calligraphy – Mary Hannah Andrews

GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_01 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_02 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_03 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_04 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_05 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_06 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_07 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_08 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_09 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_10 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_11 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_12 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_13 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_14 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_15 GreensboroWedding_LindseyKevin_16
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Meghan + Josh. Durham Engagement Session.

You know those couples that you see and you’re just like “yeah, those two were meant for each other”? That’s Meghan + Josh. Their personalities are so complementary, they have the same style, and they are both so so sweet! We started their session at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham which is so fun with all the little alleyways, string lights, and industrial buildings mixed with some cute natural areas. As we were walking around we were talking about their upcoming wedding and how we’ll try to shoot on the rooftop of their venue that evening. A man walking his dog nearby overheard the word “rooftop” and invited us up to the rooftop of his apartment building to shoot for a few minutes! It was such a fun and unexpected addition to the session :)  Josh is a golf pro so of course we had to finish up the evening at his course nearby.

Can’t wait for this December wedding!

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